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AuctionConnect is an online platform enabling buyers to host reverse auctions for bunker procurement. Suppliers bid against each other, driving prices down, making procurement efficient and cost-effective.

Absolutely! We offer commitment-free test auctions so you can experience our platform first-hand and see how it fits your needs before making a decision.

You can start using AuctionConnect within days, not weeks. Our streamlined onboarding process ensures a swift and smooth transition to our platform.

Yes, our platform is designed to cater to the needs of everyone, from small operators to large multinational companies.

AuctionConnect is the world's first platform specializing in bunker procurement auctions. We combine deep industry expertise with a user-friendly platform, providing unparalleled service in the bunker industry.

Yes, AuctionConnect is designed to accommodate various types of bunker fuel. Our platform allows you to specify the fuel type in your auctions, ensuring you get exactly what you need for your requirement.

Yes, you have full control. You choose which suppliers to invite, and there's no obligation to accept a bid if it doesn't meet your standards—you're in command from start to finish.

You can cancel an auction at any time before confirming a supplier, providing flexibility and control over the procurement process.

Specific needs can be included in the auction details, making them visible to all suppliers. This ensures that all bids meet your bespoke requirements.

AuctionConnect is flexible; changes before or during an auction are manageable. If requirements change post-auction, you can update the details and confirm with the supplier through the platform.

Our reverse auction format fosters competitive bidding among suppliers, which results in prices being driven down below market rates.

No, there's no limit to the number of suppliers you can invite. AuctionConnect allows you to invite as many suppliers as you wish, fostering a competitive bidding environment for your procurement needs.

AuctionConnect is free for buyers because suppliers pay a broker fee to AuctionConnect. This model boosts competition and ensures buyers get the best deals at no additional costs.

We prioritize data security and privacy with advanced encryption, regular compliance checks, and robust data protection measures, ensuring your data is always secure.

AuctionConnect is designed for seamless integration with vessel management systems (VMS). Our team will work with you to ensure smooth integration and data migration.

We ensure bid confidentiality through advanced encrypted communications and secure logins, allowing only authorized auction participants to view bid details.

We provide comprehensive support, from personalized onboarding to ongoing assistance for daily operations. Our dedicated team is always ready to help with any questions or issues you may encounter.

AuctionConnect supports and enriches human interaction. Our team, comprised of seasoned traders and brokers, actively assists you before and after each auction. You’ll still form direct relationships with suppliers, and unlike some services, we ensure open communication channels for building new connections.

Not at all. AuctionConnect is a tool that complements your expertise. You drive the process, from setting up auctions to making the final call on bids. It's about enhancing your efficiency, not replacing your role.

AuctionConnect follows a standard brokered deal's claims process. You can notify suppliers directly on the platform, maintaining a clear log, and our team supports you throughout the resolution process.